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  • Gillette Presto
    Rs. 20.00
  • Gillette Vector 3
    Advanced Lubrastrip, 3 Self-Adjusting Blades, Easy To Rinse And Clean Blades, Non Slip Rubber Grip.
    Rs. 99.00
  • Gillette MACH3
    Gillette mach 3 TURBO Closer Shave Zero Redness Guaranted
    Rs. 200.00
  • Gillette Vector
    Gillette Vector Razor with change automatically pivoting head. Quick Twin blades shave you two times with each stroke eliminating irritating replicate strokes for a faster shave than with a twice edge blade. The pivoting head routinely tracks the curves of your face so you don't have to. This goes on the blades at the finest angle to decrease nicks, and missed spots.
    Rs. 44.00
  • Gillette Sensor Excel Razor
    You can now get clean and clear skin with this Sensor Excel Razor from Gillette. This razor is ideal for men who want to enjoy their shaving time. The Gillette Sensor Excel Razor comes with two blades to peel layers of your age, making you look youthful. Also, the soft protective microfins will protect your skin from cuts and nicks. With the self-adjusting twin blades you can attain a close shave and style your beard the way you want. Additionally, the comfort grip will help you attain the best shaving time. You can easily contour your favourite style using this Excel Razor, that leaves your skin soft and healthy. You could now sport a cool image with the help of this Gillette Razor and assure the spotlight on you.
    Rs. 215.00
  • SuperMax
    Super-Max Triple Blade Razor is a 3-blade technology with trimmer blade that shaves close for a smooth shave. Ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip and it elastomer guard bar to avoid nicks & cuts. Easy to dispose and comfortable to use. The pivoting head adapts to the contours of your face to reach the difficult areas. They can be used more than once and retain the sharpness for longer period. The lubricating smooth strip contains Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and tea tree oil to reduce irritation and moisturize the skin. Thus, all these things give a perfect shave.
    Rs. 150.00
  • Gallant II
    Brand New Classic Style Gallant II Razor blades 1 packets of 5 each Gallant II Non lubricant Razor blades. Total 5 blades. Twin Blades works with all GILLETTE Trac II ,Trac II Plus, Gallant, Super Max and Schick Super II Razor.
    Rs. 200.00